• Microdots are a security system so they should be stored in a secure place.
• Try to store Microdot Protection Kits at temperatures between 60 – 95º F and out of the sun.
Adhesive will freeze at 32º F or below. If product does freeze, let product thaw completely before using.
• When installing Microdots on items that have been stored outside, it is mandatory that sufficient
time should be allowed to warm/cool the item to room temperature for proper adhesion.
• If installing Microdots outside, ensure temperature of item is above 60º F and parts are clean
and dry for installation.
• Have appropriate cleaning materials available (paper towels, isopropyl alcohol).
• All areas where Microdots are to be installed must be free of dirt, grease, oil, and silicon based
detailing materials (armor all, etc.) for adhesion of glue.
• Keep container of Microdots sealed when not in use.
• Install in a well ventilated area.
• Allow a minimum of 1 hour dry time of Microdots. (Product must be dry before taking item into
cold temperatures).

• Surface must be at 60º F or above.
• Areas where Microdots are to be installed must be clean and dry.
• Avoid mechanical areas that are in motion.
• Try to install Microdots in hidden areas so it does not affect cosmetic appearance.
• Once installed, installation is permanent, so ensure location is correct before applying.

• Open jar and remove foil seal.
• Because dots may settle, take applicator and stir until the dots are mixed with the glue
• Clean off the applicator on the sides of the jar. Now you’re ready to start marking your items.
• Dab the applicator in the cup, gathering small amount of glue and microdots.
• Dab the applicator on the item (place where it is hard to see) and gently apply the dots and glue.
• Repeat on all items to be marked.
• Close the lid tightly.
When done marking items, a Microdot Protection warning label can be put on items to give it an
extra added security, warning potential thieves that the items is marked and too risky to take.

• Dry to the touch within one hour depending on the weather. (Glue will be clear in appearance).
• Fully cures within 2-3 weeks.
• Do not wash areas marked for at least one week.

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