Theftmark provides innovative theft deterrent options through microdot technology. Our microdots assist with asset identification in the case of stolen property and as authenticators for counterfeit prevention.

STOP THIEVES IN THEIR TRACKS with MicroDot Protection™

Use Microdots for Asset Marking Valuables in Your Home or Business

Once the glue dries, it will be nearly invisible to see. In the case of stolen property, our asset marker will help law enforcement return your stolen item through using a UV light to spot our special adhesive.
Apply microdots to discreet locations on all your most important possessions. Commonly, these are used for anti-theft options for laptops, bikes, guns, music equipment and business assets.
The image above is what our identification marks look like when viewed under 100X magnification. Our microdots are less than 1 millimeter in diameter, which is smaller than the tip of a pencil. Its size and low visibility make them a great addition to home security for burglary prevention.

Easy to Use

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