What are Microdots?

Microdots are an exciting and innovative identification marking system used to deter thieves and assist law enforcement in the recovery of lost or stolen items. Microdots are discs smaller than 1 millimeter in diameter marked with a unique PIN code that is stored in a secured database to link property to individuals.


How long have microdots been around for?

Microdots have been used in the auto and insurance industry for over 20 years to help law enforcement track down stolen goods. Microdots are even mandatory in some countries to identify property.

How many valuables can I protect with Microdots?

Your purchase comes with 1000 microdots with your own personal unique serial number. It is recommended to apply a few microdots per item, meaning for only $24.95 + S&H you can mark all the valuables in your home.

Are microdots easy to use?

Microdots are extremely easy to use. All you must do is apply the microdots to your valuables. Try to apply in a discreet locations such as the back of your computer screen, or the bottom of your bike seat. You can even apply microdots to a few areas per item so it’s easier for law enforcement to identify. Make sure to apply the warning stickers included in your kit on your home’s front and rear windows to help deter burglars.

Where do I register my Unique Pin Code?



What do I do if I am selling or giving away one of my items that I have marked with MicroDots?


If you find yourself in this situation, there are a couple ways you can proceed:

1. You can try to remove the microdots if you wish – just note that the glue is meant to be permanent, so removal may be difficult, and there   is a chance you could damage your item.
2. If you wish to leave the MicroDots on the item that you are giving away, send us a message through the Contact Us form.
Information to include should be the following:
  • New Owner’s Name and phone number
  • Item description that you are selling or giving away (include serial or model # if possible)
  • Date sold/given away
  • PIN code registered to the item
We will update our database to reflect the changes. 


Do all Police Departments have the equipment needed to find MicroDots on stolen items?

Many law enforcement agencies are familiar with microdot technology and have the appropriate equipment needed. If not, an investigative officer can contact our office and we will mail a microscope and black light to them.

If I use MicroDots, can I contact my homeowner’s insurance provider for a discounted rate on my homeowner’s (or renter’s) insurance?

Each insurance agency operates independently, so you need to contact them directly. If they are not familiar with microdot technology please refer them to our website.

How long will MicroDots last if exposed to the sun or artificial light?

Microdots are not affected by the sun or artificial light, but the UV tracer in the multipurpose adhesive will diminish over time. Remember to place your microdots in hidden areas, like the bottom or back of products so they are not visible. This will help the UV tracer last longer due to decreased exposure to the elements.

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