TheftMark™ has been producing Microdots for the last 10 years and been in business for over 20 years.

TheftMark provides innovative theft deterrent options through microdot technology. Our microdots assist as authenticators for counterfeit prevention and asset identification in the case of stolen property. Not only do our microdots aid in burglary prevention, it also assists law enforcement in identification and recovery of lost or stolen goods.

After years of research and development, our microdot is the best combination of elements that make it ideal for burglary prevention: small, nearly invisible, & extremely difficult to remove. Our goal is to help bring peace of mind to our customers through a quality theft deterrent essential we recommend adding to any existing security system.

While using identification marks isn’t new, using microdots are. Thieves are unable to remove our asset marks and produce counterfeit items. We are passionate about providing the best authenticator solution and asset identification mark out there for homes, consumers, and businesses.

Our three major objectives: deter, identify, and assist in recovery.


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